Tuesday, 9 February 2010

My Dream! My Europe Cycling!

Yeah, i am back. Recently always in the lazy mood. Well, with the "Excellent" weather at here, i can sleep more than 10 hours a day. Hugging my 2 pillow that worth 15 Pounds, cover my body with a thick coverlet, and my comfortable body warm. Sleeping, is a good job during winter time. Although outside is snowing again and agian, damn it, i started hate snowing ... snowing make everything became extremely inconvenience. Oh ... anyway, i prefer have a breath outside in the offday, that's why i am here at the Costa Coffee having a Latte. I will become "Siao Kia" if i continue to sleeping at my single room, and that's already make me fat (Damn it ... me fat liao about 3kg).

Ok ok, back to the title. Finally, i do change my itinerary, it become more crazy .. Omg, i dobelieve i already "ke siao", because i lag of money so that i have to choose "cycling + camping". I only have about 1500 Euro for all the expenses in 120 days journey. How to make 4 months journey become smooth? I don really know! Although i am doing a planning now, but then i believe a good planning is useless when unknown problem appear hope that everything not so far from what i imagine.

I want to take a Cruise from Portsmouth, UK to Santander, Spain and start cycling to Madrid. I also might joining a gang of net friends from backpackers.com.tw when in the Madrid and Barcelona. Erm hm ... good to have others accompany so not that boring and i will do them a UK itinerary as well, seem i got more information here. Who else still wanna crazy with me? It is not that late if you want to join me. Let's camp and crazy in the road site mates. Oh ya, forget to tell, i am single in my plans. ^^

Again, thanks to all the friends who support me always. Love u guys. ^^

* BusyBody, get me more information for the people wanted in Tongeren, Belgium.

This is the Europe journey that i am going to cycling in the coming April


fufu said...

innsbruck is a nice place! you gonna like the place! but i wonder where can you camp in brussels? amsterdam is an unique city... zurich and munich are great of their good public transportation.. milan has nothing though... wait! you are going to barcelona? omg... one of my top favourite cities... you gonna sleep at the beach!! madrid is awesome as well... erm... you start in april? i may be off to Brazil in July, but since you have gang biking with you, i think even if i am not in frankfurt you guys also will have a great time =p it's gonna be a hard trip for you... be ready!!

OnnYee.安怡 said...

btw,all the best to you!=)

简简 said...


MSKY said...

Looks like a great plan, wish i can join you, hehe.

将鱼宰 said...

Fufu: Wa liao ... U haven start to visit to poland then already plan off to Brazil? Geng! U seem fully utilize ur life time to travel. haha, i will like to do as u. haha ...

Onn Yee: Thanks for the introducing. He is a nice blogger. i love his blog. ^^


MSKY: really? so you want go with me ma? Hehe